Script Translations: The first step is the script translation where the script is translated to prepare for dubbing.
Voice Casting : The next step includes voice casting to complete the dubbing process. Here it should be noted that the right actor voice is important so as the content is of high quality and natural. Here the experienced voice actor plays a good role.
Voice actor recording: The recording process will be started once the scrip has been translated and the voice actor cast. The voice actor recording process could be different depending upon the technique used in the dubbing process
Dialogue mixing: Now this is the work of editors. These dialogues are mixed to help it fit seamlessly with the content.
Release: When every above-mentioned step is completed, you will be able to release your dubbed project. The release of the dubbing project can have its technicalities and implementations. Depending upon the projects to projects and medium to medium.

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  • 2014/April
  • $275.00
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