About us

About NFDC – Best Film Development Chamber In Bangalore

At NFDC, our aim is to bring an idea to reality with a touch of imagination. As a video production company in Bangalore, we create content on various verticals, whilst housing the most eminent brands in the country. Our belief is to bring value and distinction with conviction.

In the era of modern moviemaking, we direct ourselves on the path of redefining benchmarks. Just like the dawning of a mythical creature, our journey began as a group of highly enthusiastic youngsters, having a collective experience of more than 32 years. We always believe in delivering a creative solution that is best suited for a brand. We thrive on being able to deliver the best there is to offer, combining all our expertise and passion into the end product.

We craft handmade stories, captured through our professional lens with a deep understanding of our product and all the perseverance that goes into making stories that click- literally! You can count on us to create a thumb-stopping film or video that could take us to great heights of success, together. Rest assured, we value every brand that gives us the golden opportunity to be their video creators or filmmakers across all platforms- be it social media, websites, and other digital platforms.

Explore our film development chamber- A world of gripping stories that are woven creatively for the audience. Come take a plunge into the world of light and magic! Griffin Pictures also doubles as a TVC production house that is always updated with new technology and innovative ideas. With a plethora of cutting-edge services we offer such as ad filmmaking, corporate videos, short films, product shoot, 360-degree videos, VFX, editing, and audio mixing, we provide you with a wholesome experience of everything under the NFDC.

NFDC Rules of our Work

Making a video is a process that requires hard work and a pinch of madness.The NFDC team has experts for each step (writers, artists, directors, editors, animators and more), who handle the creative process with skill and care to create something totally mind-blowing.

What can we say? Creativity is our energy drink. It’s our coffee, it’s our lemon chai, it’s the air we breathe here at NFDC. We are a video production house for whom no idea is too large or too whacky to be tackled. Creative ideas don’t ping! and switch on like a lightbulb.

We talk the talk but we walk the walk too! At Viewfindr Films, excellence means nothing if you can’t deliver. Our team is deeply focused and driven towards churning out quality visual story. We aren’t scared of a little (read: a lot of) hard work.

Our Vision

NFDC aims at fostering excellence in cinema and promoting the diversity of its culture by supporting and encouraging films made in various Indian languages.

Our Mission

To create domestic and global appreciation and celebration of the independent Indian cinema.