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Mr.Kavi Rajesha, the Founder & President of NFDC (NATIONAL FILM DEVELOPMENT CHAMBER) Bangalore was born in 6th May 1968 and he completed MF. Tech and started his career in film industry at 1994.He is a good Story writer,Lyricist, Director,Producter & Writer.Now Running NFDC Production House, Very Regionable Cost of Editing, Dubbing, Re-recording, SFX, VFX, DI, DTS 5.1 & 7.1 Preview Theater and More Facilities to upcoming Producer, Director, Artist & All Technicians.And also Newly Started NFDC FILM TRAINING CENTER (Direction, Acting, Dance, Make-up, Stunt, Modeling & All Practical Classes.
Mr. Kavi Rajesha,
President of NFDC